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Must-Read Tips for Your Destination Wedding Anywhere in the World

Pennsylvania Destination Wedding Photographer | Maggie J Photography

Thinking of a European elopement? Perhaps an intimate oceanside ceremony? Destination weddings offer so much to love! Choosing a destination completely unique to your love story heightens the romance of your big day, and guarantees an experience you’ll never forget. Whether you’re planning an exotic getaway on the Amalfi Coast, or tying the knot in Poland (where I was born and raised), consider these tips before packing your bags.

While the Internet has plenty of advice for destination weddings (don’t miss resources like this one or this one!), I’d like to take a moment to highlight a few tips from a destination wedding photographer’s perspective.

My advice:

  • Work with vendors you trust: hire a Pennsylvania destination wedding photographer who fits your personality, and has specific travel experience. They’ll know the ins and outs of destination wedding photography… from combating jet lag and obtaining permits, to researching local sunset times. Their expertise ensures a seamless event, even over state lines and across oceans.
  • Consider a separate session while you’re there: if you’ve fallen in love with your destination, make the most of it! Why not schedule an additional couples’ session? I’ll tag along to your favorite spot—whether tucked away in the mountains, or on the streets of a European city. You’ll enjoy the time together away from the wedding chaos, and we’ll document the honest emotions and authentic fun behind your interactions together. After all, how often will you be surrounded by an exotic landscape with a professional photographer by your side?
  • Don’t forget to pack the details: packing for a destination wedding already involves quite a few checklists. Amidst reception décor and rehearsal dinner heels, don’t let the special details go unnoticed. Pack a small separate bag with your day-of details: invitation suite, earrings, signature perfume. This will make it super easy to hand off the pre-packed bag to your photographer on the wedding day. Then she can capture all your desired details shots (and you won’t be trying to collect these items from various suitcases!).
  • Drink plenty of water: as the bride, you’ll be standing for much of the wedding day. From first look photos to the ceremony itself, you’ll likely be on your feet. Plan to stay hydrated, especially after air travel, changing altitudes, and a new climate. Be sure to have water bottles available for guests (and vendors!). Plus, ask a bridesmaid to replenish your own water often.
  • Be flexible: as with any wedding, some hiccups will likely occur throughout the day. Go with the flow! We’ll focus on your love story—his smile when he sees you for the first time, or your mother’s tears as she adjusts your dress. Let the other logistics fade away. Be in the moment; revel in the natural beauty around you. Be present, and enjoy this treasured celebration. I’ll be nearby to quietly capture these precious moments, and preserve them for a lifetime.


Ready to pack your bags?

Let’s get to know each other! I can’t wait to see how your special day unfolds, here in Lehigh Valley or at an exotic destination of your choosing. Need more details and insight? I’m here to help. I’d love to document your big day as your Pennsylvania destination wedding photographer.




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